Monday , 21 April 2014
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Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier


As a millennial and an avid moviegoer, I’ve seen a lot of superhero movies. The first I remember going to was Batman and Robin in 1997, which admittedly set a low bar. Thankfully, better representatives of the genre soon came along, such as the X-Men and Sam Raimi’s Spiderman films of the early 2000’s. I found most of them enjoyable, full of cool action and actors ... Read More »

How to be safe on Internet


Don’t use lazy passwords. Choosing password or 1234 is like putting a luggage lock on the front door of your house. Also, people will be able to guess it and hack. Instead, come up with a longer password that contains both letters and numbers/characters, preferably one that references something significant only to you. For example, if the name of your beloved childhood goldfish was ... Read More »

WinRAR vulnerability allows hackers to spoof malicious files


WinRAR, a widely used file archiver and data compression utility helps hackers to distribute malicious code. Israeli security researcher Danor Cohen (An7i) discovered the WinRAR file extension spoofing vulnerability. The application is capble of compressing data as rar or as zip format. Here is a quick brief of the zip file format: So by the file format descriptor, we can see that the Bits at offset 30 ... Read More »

5 Ways To Boost Your Sales


1. Keep Easy Navigation In order to get customers to purchase your product, they must know how to get to it first. Make sure that your site be simplified so that customers can maneuver with ease. Each category and subcategory should have a clear title, and they should be in a prominent location on each page. 2. Get a Great Search ... Read More »